Wallaroy - 2017 Exhibition by Jacqueline Tiepermann


“Wallaroy” talks about the happiest era of my life, the 80’s - a decade in which we lived off Wallaroy Road, in the Sydney suburb of Woollahra. The word that comes to mind when describing this body of work is abundance, reflecting life, love and laughter” 

An English country style residence tucked away from sight. Secluded, serene, tranquil and surrounded by a perfumed garden. Sun drenched and relaxed with the laughter of children being the order of the day.  A constant stream of friends and family who popped in for impromptu meals and a chat.  These are the memories which have inspired this latest collection.

I chose the hydrangea as my dialogue as they are reminiscent of my past.  Hydrangeas have laced their way throughout my life, and are impregnated in the recesses of my mind representing safety, family and heritage.

Lashings of paint denote “abundance” and the contemporary backgrounds reflect “the now, and the future”, silver paint represents the deco style artefacts that graced the rooms left to me by ancestors.

The Wallaroy days were halcyon.  Wallaroy was my Camelot.

Opening Night - March 22 6.00pm-8.00pm