New Paintings by Jacqueline Tiepermann

Jacqueline Tiepermann is a Melbourne based artist who studied Graphic Art at East Sydney Technical College. Her large-scale paintings are sized to excite the visual senses, drawing the viewer in with her application of exhilarating colours and textures. These works are part of her abstract Viaggio series, with a palette of powerful, vibrant colour, and expressive movements that dance across the canvas.

Born and raised in a city famous for its harbour, its influences within her works are evident as she uses water as dialogue to represent the profound course of events that have occurred along her own extraordinary journey. Jacqueline Tiepermann is a story teller reflecting on life. In a world that is fast paced, she encourages the viewer through her works to decelerate, immerse, examine and reflect on one's own history. 

As a teenager, Tiepermann worked with iconic screenprinter Florence Broadhurst, where she developed her lifelong love of colour and texture. Her career has spanned the worlds of art and fashion design.

Available from the BECKER MINTY Potts Point, Woollahra and online stores.


Felix Forest Photography

From a career immersed in the world of interiors and architecture, French photographer Felix Forest's work reflects how people live, how they relate to their spaces, and the interesting collections people are drawn to.

See a new collection of large scale photographic works by Felix Forest at BECKER MINTY Potts Point or view in our online store here


Heart of Brass

It's no secret, we have a passion for vintage brass, with a particular fondness for fine decorative pieces from the 60s and 70s.