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Goldfield & Banks Australia - The Inspiration behind the collection


GOLDFIELD & BANKS AUSTRALIA pays homage to Australia’s first botanist and naturalist Joseph Banks and rejoices in his discoveries and the stunning botanical richness he found when he came upon this untouched, raw and mystical land.

A pioneering effort in a world awash with fragrances, GOLDFIELD & BANKS AUSTRALIA has explored and sought inspiration from a seemingly endless wealth of Australia’s native flora.

Through this labour of love -native seeds, gums, wood, flowers, lichen, roots, resins, leaves and fruits have been carefully harvested to create a new and haunting Australian dream. One of burning deserts, sparkling coastal vistas and deep, beautifully scented forests.

With elements never before used in fragrance creation, each has been carefully unravelled to expose their honest and stunning beauty.


A journey of centuries and a reflection of the essential fragrances that reside within, the cap evokes a smoky, hazy and dreamlike memory of ravaged native wood smouldering after a sweeping bushfire.

The golden spray is reminiscent of Western Australia’s halcyon gold mining era. Gold is the colour of richness and the Australian sun on rolling dunes – ephemeral yet timeless in nature and substance.

Rugged yet elegant, the bottle, made from exquisite French glass, defines the nature of Australian outback life and French beauty in both essence and practice.

Our label evokes traditional Australian pride and botanical significance. Banksia leaf edges and vintage postage stamp perforations combine to epitomise native flora beauty and Australian heritage.

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